It will pay off…

via Daily Prompt: Triumph

Whenever you start working for something, you might not start seeing the results straight away. But you’re putting in the effort and that’s what counts.

The interesting thing about learning curves, I found, is that they are far from linear. You’ll go through a rather long period of failure and/or disappointment, where there is hardly any progress at all. But that period is crucial to your progress, as it gives you not only opportunities to learn but also experience in what not to do, or rather what to do better. Given time, you will end up doing much better than you ever thought possible. You will achieve a breakthrough and this triumphant sense of achievement is a more than suitable reward for all the hard work you put in before.

More importantly, however, it is the perfect incentive to keep going. You’ll think to yourself: “If I made it this far, how far can I go?” You yourself are the only one who can answer that question…


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