“Die Heide brennt” – SC Paderborn optimistic to stay in the Bundesliga

Today’s 31st Bundesliga Matchday was full of suspense, especially in the race against relegation.

The big winner today was SC Paderborn, who won 2:1 at Freiburg to climb to 14th place, now one point ahead of the first relegation place (16th place). Meanwhile, VfB Stuttgart lost 2:3 at Schalke and Hannover played 2:2 in Wolfsburg. Hamburg could take that 14th place if they win at Mainz tomorrow.

Paderborn are still to play against Wolfsburg (H), Schalke (A) and finally against Stuttgart on home ground. A prediction as to which teams are relegated depends heavily on speculation, of course, but presumably, a home win against Stuttgart would be enough for Paderborn to stay in the league. And given Stuttgart’s performance at Schalke today, a draw against Schalke is not out of reach for Paderborn either.

The phrase “Die Heide brennt” is a quote from Paderborns goal tune and literally means “The heath is on fire”.


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